Monday, November 28, 2011

Main Characters

      The main characters in Three Little Words is Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Gay and Phil Courter, Luke, Ms. Sandness, and the Moss's.

      Ashley Rhodes-Courter- Ashley is the author of the book. People in the book described her with red hair and a very intelligent person. When she was three years old she was taken from her mother and put into foster care. She has one other sibiling, Luke, who is younger than her. She always tried to watch out for him and be there for him. The only thing she wants is to be back in her mothers arms. She goes through many hardships but manages to come out on top.

      Luke Rhodes- Luke is Ashley's youger brother. He was a fidgety kid who needed a lot of attention. He had a lot of behavorial problems in his childhood considering what he had gone through. He was just a baby when he was taken from his mother. He thought of Ashley some what of a mother figure since she was the only thing he had at the time; he loved her dearly. As they were going through the foster system they were separated a lot over the years.

     Ms. Sandness- Ms. Sandness was Ashley's primary at the Children's home of Tampa. She was described as a very nice person by Ashley. She was yonger. Ms. Sandness was an important character because this was the first person Ashley got close to in years. She ended up leaving to to persue her master's degree, but was there to support Ashley through her adoption and they also kept in contact after.

     Marjorie and Charles Moss- They were in their middle ages. They had fourteen foster kids. Majorie and Charles Moss were thought of one of the best foster parents and were seen as role models. They took the kids belongings, they kept them outside with girls on one side and boys on the other, they barely fed them, and did many cruel things to each individual. Ashely lived with them for many months until she began to speak up and tell people what they were doing. Majorie Moss did most of the dirty work while Charles Moss just ignored everything. Ashley was only taken away because they thought she was lying and didn't want her to ruin their reputation. Later on in life she tries to sue them. Through out the lawsuit it was found that Mrs. Moss was abused as a child and had a very strict mother which made her unstable to be a foster parent.

      Gay and Phil Courter- Gay and Phil Courter adopted Ashley when she was twelve years old. They were older than Ashley expected. Gay was a genorous, caring, loving, and an honest foster mom. Phil had more of a relaxed personality and did anything to make Ashley happy. They adopted Ashley because they knew they were meant to do something great in life after  a death experience and they also filled their empty nest. Ashley gave Gay a very difficult time at first and did anything to make her angry. As time passed things smoothed out and Ashley eventually had a mother-daughter relationship with her. Ashley was always close to Phil and didn't give him a hard time like she did with Gay. Ashley now has a home and loving family to go home too.


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