Monday, November 28, 2011

Two places out of Fourteen

      The most important place in this book is the Courters house. It's an important place because it's a place she can finally call home. Before this house she had been in fourteen other placements. It's located in Crystal River, Florida. There's a view of the river from their house and many animals can be seen outside. At first Ashley didn't think she would like living here, she thought it seemed like more of a place Luke would like.

     Another important place is The Children's Home of Tampa. Ashley shared a bedroom here and there was a pool and play area.  Her and Luke were reunited here and she lived here much longer than other places until one day she was adopted. At this place she met Ms. Sandness who she became very close with and she made many friends here. Gay and Phil Courter first met Ashely at the Children's home of Tampa.

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