Monday, November 28, 2011


     Ashley's mother, Lorraine gave birth to her when she was only seventeen years old and then shortly after she had another baby, Luke. At the age of three Ashley and Luke were taken from her and they ended up in foster care. Ashley was in foster care for nine years and was place in many homes. Ashley and Luke were seperated many times but ended up together at a children's home. They lived with their grandpa and Adele in South Carolina for many months. Luke and Ashley got very attached to Adele and saw her as a mother figure, but they knew it was to good to be true and knew they could be taken away any minute. While they were outside playing their grandpa got shot, and shortly after they were taken away once again. After that they were both placed in the care of the Moss'. There they were both abused, but they eventually got out of their worst nightmare. Once they were placed in a couple other homes, they both got sent to the Children's Home of Tampa. They lived there for a while until two families became interested in them. Luke got adopted first then Ashley by Phil and Gay Courter. It took many months for the adoption to become official. During the time Ashley wasn't giving the Courters the easiest time, especially Gay. As time passed and the adoption was official Ashley grew to love Phil and Gay and knew that they would always be there for her.

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